From Employee To Entrepreneur 5 Steps To Get You Started

The first time I left my job to begin an entrepreneurial venture, I was ready. I had money and a business plan. What else did I need, I thought? I gave notice to my employer and to my surprise, fear set in immediately. I didn’t leave my job…that time. I realized that while I prepared externally, I didn’t prepare internally – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually – for this life transition. led-furniture-factory

Almost nine years have passed since I left my job and began my venture as an entrepreneur. I’ve learned that entrepreneurship is a process – it is like building and then crossing a bridge. I’ve also learned that entrepreneurship takes place “within” an individual – it is not necessarily about leaving a job , but rather about living a life of fulfillment. Entrepreneurial thinking and living takes time, energy, tools, and action. Here are some ideas that have proven to be helpful to my clients in making the transition to entrepreneurial thinking and living. blackstonefutures

Do Something Different Every Day

The purpose of this exercise is simply to get your mind accustomed to new experiences on a regular basis. Part of being human is that we develop patterns and are comfortable with habits. By doing something different every day, the mind becomes accustomed to change and new experiences. I gave one of my clients this exercise as part of her “homework;” she came back a week later and said, “The homework assignment that I thought was going to be the easiest (doing something different every day) turned out to be the hardest.” Sometimes, we need to practice integrating change into our lives. Here are some ideas to start: Walk your dog on the other side of the street; valet park if you never valet; order something different at a restaurant; get up

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